Do Just as Tim Cook

Does it, Generate Impact and Change Through the Power of Design Thinking

I strongly believe in the power of creative collaboration and collective intelligence as a way of working to generate change and impact. I believe that when products and services are developed when applying design thinking and visual strategizing, great results can be reached. A company which has proven this is Apple. Steve Jobs is the founder of the design thinking philosophy and showed through Apple how successful a company can become when adopting this way of thinking. His successors are preserving this legacy and are paying it forward, including current Apple CEO Tim Cook.

I had the privilege to meet Tim last week while he was in Amsterdam visiting the Apple Store. I was participating in a Today at Apple session called a sketchwalk in Vondelpark, organized by Apple Store Creative Pro Karl. Tim and I had a brief discussion about the power of design and visual thinking. We shared the same ideals and passion for this approach to innovation in corporate environments. This discussion reenergized my enthusiasm and confirmed my belief in design thinking as a method and mindset to help companies progress further.

The new world asks for a new way of solving complex problems. Mindcraft believes that making an impact is all about creative collaboration and collective intelligence. Working in ecosystems with internal and external entrepreneurial experts to create a bespoke originative solution. Mindcraft developed a new “Design Thinking” training and workshop to guide innovation and inspire teams and professionals in building a collaborative creative culture for fast learning directives and high impact results. Every training and workshop is customized for each client so it suits your specific needs and goals.

Do you also want to give your (digital) design skills a boost and create a culture of innovation through design and visual thinking? Mindcraft and our team is here to help you. We love to brainstorm with you and create a bespoke design of thinking training for your company. Curious to know more? Email me @